Your home is your castle

Protect it with bespoke Will and Trust Planning for the Post-Covid Age

Will Trust Planning

All good Estate Planning starts with a great Will & Trust. Normally designed to protect your assets for the benefit of your spouse and children, our Trusts are written with Inheritance Tax planning in mind. They are the perfect solution for couples who wish to protect their estate from Care Home fees, Divorce and Bankruptcy and even from their childrens’ current or future partners.

Lifetime Trust Planning

If you are single, widowed or divorced, Lifetime Trust Planning could be the perfect solution for you. By placing assets in Trust while you are alive you can protect your Estate right away. This can also save many thousands of pounds in probate costs whilst still giving you the freedom to enjoy your money and property for the rest of your life. You even have the freedom to move home in the future if you wish.


We'll Keep...

Your Promises To Your Loved Ones

Your responsibility to your children never really ends and we know how important it is to keep your word to your loved ones. Whether its guaranteeing that a cherished item of jewellery passes to a daughter or making sure that financial support continues into the future, we know that every family is different but promises always matter.

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Your Documents Safe & Secure

Putting the best possible Will or Trust document in place is never the end of the story. With our Document Care Service we will securely store and insure your legal documents and you can even make changes whenever you wish – for no extra charge.

We'll Keep...

Your Trust

If you put your trust in us to carry out this important work, we promise that you will not be disappointed. At Keep Trust Planning we work alongside a team of highly skilled Will and Trust professionals known as TEPs. We carry insurance of £2 million per case and we abide by the S.T.E.P. Code. (the highest standard in Will and Trust preparation)

Free Online Workshop

We hold regular live online web-classes where we explain in detail but without legal jargon how Trusts work.

Discover how you can use Trusts to keep you hard earned assets secured by booking your spot on our next web-class.

What is a Trust

Its quite possible that you already have a Trust arrangement in place.

 In this short video we explain why Trusts are quite common. We look at the history of Trusts and explore why they are being utilised by ordinary families to protect their assets from Care Costs, Remarriage and even Divorce and Bankruptcy.