Sensible Estate Planning for the Post-Covid-Age

For many years Trusts have benefitted mainly the very rich. We believe everyone should have the freedom to use Trusts to protect whatever they own

Our Mission

Bringing Trusts To Ordinary Families

At Keep Trust Planning our mission has been to bring Trusts to ordinary families in the UK. We are experts at using Trust Planning either within or outside of the Will to protect our clients from losing their hard earned assets from a number of modern threats. We want to help you Keep those important promises to your family and guarantee them a fantastic inheritance.

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Andy Brackenbury

Associate Partner

Advising Clients For Nearly A Decade

We have been advising clients for nearly a decade and have protected many millions of pounds from being lost in the future from residential care home costs, divorce, bankruptcy and taxation. We pride ourselves in providing a service tailored to the post-covid-age with regular online educational webinars. Our service is friendly and jargon free. We offer our consultations online or face to face. We work in association with a Team of TEPS, which is the highest available qualification in Estate Planning

Shirley's Story

“I suppose you could say we’ve been very fortunate in life. We’ve had good health and Bryan got a good job straight after university. We were able to get on the housing ladder quite easily with help from our parents and now forty years later we were amazed when one of our neighbours sold a similar sized home for £800,000. We managed to pay off our mortgage years ago.”

Shirley's Story

We thought we were being really sensible when we had our Wills written. Just as my parents had done we just passed everything to each other. It was the normal thing to do we were told at the time. It was only when my dad passed away leaving mum widowed did we discover the problem.

Mum and dad had bought the family home back in the early sixties and raised us there. It was such a lovely place and my brother and I have so many happy memories growing up. They had a great marriage and I knew they had done their Wills so I didn’t worry too much for the future.

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